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Potty Power Academy provides you with all the teaching and motivational materials you will need to guide your toddler through the potty learning process. On the site you will find educational videos, books, and interactive games.


Whether you’re just beginning the potty training process with your tootin’ toddler, or you’ve been struggling for a few months, Potty Power Academy will help your son or daughter through the process.  If you’re just starting out, Potty Power is perfect for introducing concepts and demonstrating necessary skills in an entertaining way. Potty Power uses modeling behavior videos to teach potty skills to your little pooper. In each segment, kids age 2 to 7 model every activity and demonstration. This learning strategy makes your little whiz kid think, “hey that kid’s my age and he can do it. I can do it, too!” It’s positive peer pressure for your preschool pipsqueak. In today’s world, kids love to use tablets and smart phones so they’ll enjoy clicking and interacting with over three dozen music videos and games designed to instruct them on using the potty.


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My child was struggling with holding it and being scared. This video helped to conquer her fears! She watched it multiple times (her request) and since then we’ve had no potty issues at all. A GI doctor recommended it to us.

— Jamie S.