What is Potty Power Academy?

Every parent wants to hear that confidence-building affirmation from their toddler, “I can do it myself”.  

Potty Power Academy is a child-centered, adult-guided approach to toilet training that allows kids to learn on their own by giving them choices as to what they want to watch, learn and play through our gently guided learning program. Each lesson introduces or reinforces toileting concepts and skills.  The programs are entertaining, motivational and educational.

Potty Power Academy is a website developed by MazzMedia, a family owned, educational media publisher. “Potty Power: Toilet Training for Boys and Girls” is the company’s best-selling video.  Released in 2004, it earned numerous awards and over the years has helped to potty train tens of thousands of toddlers.  PottyPowerAcademy.com is built for the new generation of tech-savvy toddlers.  The site provides an active and engaging learning experience for kids to learn the concepts and skills necessary to use the potty independently.

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