Q. What is Potty Power Academy?

A. Potty Power Academy is an online educational site designed to provide an active and engaging learning experience for your child to learn the concepts and skills necessary to use the potty independently.

Q. What does it cost to enroll my child in the Potty Power Academy?

A. Potty Power is a one-time price of only $9.95.  This gives you access to all the programs and features of the Potty Power Academy website.

Q. What do I get when I enroll?

A.  You get access to the videos, music, posters, activities, books and games for your child to learn and enjoy.  For grownups, we provide potty training orientation and ongoing support from our school nurse. You can ask questions via email at anytime.

Q. What’s the best method of toilet training?

A. The fact is there is no consensus on the best method and very limited researched-based evidence. Potty Power Academy learning programs can be incorporated with any method.

Q. What’s the difference between “toilet training” and “potty learning”?

A.  “Toilet Training” is an adult-centered, adult-directed process whereby the parent or grown-up establishes timelines, sets expectations and makes choices. “Potty Learning”, on the other hand, is a child-centered, child-directed approach guided by adults.

Q. What is the best age to begin potty training?

A. There is no definitive answer as to what age to begin the process though most physicians recommend training be completed between 18 and 37 months.

Q. How long will it take for my child to be potty trained?

A. There is no set time frame for your child to learn all of the skills necessary to be completely potty trained because every child learns differently. Some kids learn faster and are motivated within days while others take a bit longer.

Q. Does Potty Power Academy work?

A. Read the testimonials from hundreds of our customers and decide for yourself! Potty Power Academy was developed from the video Potty Power: Toilet Training for Boys and Girls originally released in 2004.  It is estimated the video has been used successfully by over 500,000 families.

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