Potty Power Academy’s philosophy is that there is no right way to teach a child to go potty. It’s a learning process and, as we all know, people have different learning styles: auditory, visual or kinesthetic. Most people learn best through a combination of the three types of learning styles, but everybody is different.

Potty Power Academy provides you with the teaching tools to help your child learn no matter what their learning style. The real “power” in Potty Power Academy is the fact that the lessons can be repeated and reinforced.


The Lesson Guide provides you with information about the learning goal, objective and performance task for each lesson. Some lessons come with activity sheets or physical activities that enforce the concepts and skills featured in the video lesson.

We’ve divided the lessons and activities into four areas:

  1. Potty Power Prep is all about motivating kids. Motivation energizes, directs, and sustains behavior. It gets people moving, points them in a direction, and keeps them going.
  2. Potty Power Ready is all about learning the behaviors and activities that differentiate a baby from being a big kid.
  3. Potty Power Skills is about coordinating the toileting concepts and the physical actions necessary to go potty independently.
  4. Potty Power Hygiene focuses on demonstrating the proper way to wipe and clean up after a bowel movement and the importance of washing hands with soap and water.


Just as everyone has a different learning style, people have different parenting styles, too. Potty Power Academy is a flexible learning tool and can accommodate your particular parenting style.

If your style is more authoritarian, you can set up an exact learning schedule and plan the lessons and activities for the day.

On the other hand, if your style is equalitarian you can let your child choose the lessons they want to view and then you can choose and introduce a corresponding activity to support the lessons.

If you’re an adult with a permissive parenting style you can let your child choose the lessons and activities and allow them to take ownership of their learning. You provide a little guidance and encouragement.

If you’re not sure or can’t define your parenting style, don’t worry. There is no right or wrong way. The key is for you to keep a positive attitude and try not to show your frustration when there’s a setback. Avoid punishing your child for a potty-related accident.


You can begin teaching by using the lesson videos. After you sign in to Potty Power Academy, you can access the “LESSONS” page from your “MY ACCOUNT” page. Use the videos to introduce a concept or skill. Use the the incentive materials located on the “ACTIVITIES” page to review and reinforce information featured in the videos.


Each week there will be a new learning video featured in the “PLAYTIME” section of the site. We recommend you use this video as an incentive and reward.

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