Potty Power trained my 2 year old in 1 week!!! I am TOTALLY impressed with Potty Power. Seeing other kids using the potty completely mesmerized our 2 year old daughter. She says she has “Potty Power” and that she’s a “big kid” just like in the video. I can’t say enough good things about it…you have to try it to believe it!

— C. Kinstle

My 2 year old daughter loves the video. She sings the little songs. The dvd is definitely tailored to the kids (as it should be), but it’s not annoying at all. Great buy!

— M. Barrow

This video works miracles! We had a 3 1/2 year old stubborn potty trainer and after watching this video for ONE day (MANY TIMES), she was potty trained within one week. She still sings the songs as she goes to the bathroom and washes her hands. I highly recommend using this video!

— S. Godett

Dylan Went From Diapers To The Potty In 1st Week With Potty Power!

— B. Trent

Wow – This program Made the Difference!

— J. Lewis

100% AWESOME!!! Sanity saver!

— M. Teves

Great for parents who aren’t sure how to start potty training…

— E. Burgos Luz

The Best Potty Video Ever!

— J. Frye

My Two-Year-Old Boy Just Used the Potty!

— WiseReviewerMom

I have twelve children, none that have been easy to train, but this time…we have Potty Power in three days!

— Susan G.

My kids have watched this video so many times I can sing the song at any time. They really like it. As a parent I like that they talk about the steps of wiping and washing hands. I would buy this again.

— Suzanne

We have an autistic 4-year-old, and we desperately needed him to be potty trained in order to get him into an inclusion setting. We were having trouble getting him to understand what he was supposed to do on the potty- he’d just sit there. This video really helped! The songs are catchy and simple, so he could understand and even sing them himself, and relate to what was happening. It also uses mostly older kids, which he liked, because he was interested in being a “big kid.”

— A. Guyton

We’ve been having trouble with my son’s potty training ever since a hospital stay over the summer, so we were pretty much willing to try anything at this point. The first night we had this, he asked to watch it three times. He was so “inspired” he started immediately asking to sit on the potty.

— Anonymous

My almost three-year old LOVES Potty Power! Ok, so most parents, and or caregivers do what ever it takes to successfully potty train. My daughter loves the songs, she can easily relate because they are real little kids. It goes through all the steps of what to do when you need to go potty, with everything from wiping, to flushing & washing your hands. Several cute songs to go with each, and being proud to be a big kid, that now gets to wear big kid underpants! Ends with now that you can do it yourself, you have potty power. They also give the adults some pointers. Would recommend 🙂 good luck!

— Elle

“No more diapers for me!!!” Yeah best potty training product ever! I have recommended it to lots of moms who have had trouble training and they have all said it made a huge difference!

— “Blessed Mommie in Texas”

Excellent!!! My daughter watched this endlessly for about 2 weeks and in 3 days I took off just to train her, she was potty trained!

— Alex A.

FOR EVERY TODDLER and Worried PARENTS!! My 2.5 y/o within 3 days got the concept and start using potty, she moved the potty from her room to the bathroom by herself! I would recommend potty power to any toddler. My daughter is bilingual and I was afraid that she won’t understand, but my worries were not necessary.

— Urszula

This was recommended to me by my best friend who was a nanny and pre school teacher of 2-3 year olds. She said parents swore by it. I was feeling hopeless and doubtful but decided to try it. I don’t know why or how this got through to my daughter but we started playing this and she really started getting it. I also loved the parent common q&a at the end, made me feel better and more calm. I definitely recommend and trust me, I had already tried a lot and was completely clueless as to what to do.

— Shelly M.

My child was struggling with holding it and being scared. This video helped to conquer her fears! She watched it multiple times (her request) and since then we’ve had no potty issues at all. A GI doctor recommended it to us.

— Jamie S.

My granddaughter loves it and it clearly has moved her into potty training!

— Billie W.

My son LOVED it. He wanted to go pee in the potty about 3 minutes into it. There is a little game in it call “Baby or Big Kid” and my son LOVES to play it. It worked for us. It really helped him get the whole concept watching other kids do it too.

— Anonymous

My granddaughter loves the video and is doing awesome with her training!

— S.T.W.

My 3 year old loves this video! Even after being toilet trained, she asks to watch it. The songs are catchy and the explanations are great. It definitely helped us on our potty training journey.

— “Mommy in Tokyo”

This motivated my child to try the potty. He showed no interest in using it until he saw this video. Now we sing the songs all day.

— B.

Fun times for trying times. Provided positive interaction while potty training our son.

— Teresa

My boy Dylan was having trouble transitioning to the potty. How many times did he go off into the corner and stand there?!! When asked what he was doing, he would say, “Nothing.” When asked if he needed to use the potty, he would say, “No.” Of course, he did. Well, if this sounds familiar, then “Potty Power” is the answer. Dylan began watching it and within a week started getting to the potty instead of the corner. Very impressive. After trying the potty bear, books, and tons of reasoning and pleading I am just thankful and relieved that this worked. I wish I had gotten it sooner.

— Barbara T., Florida

My son is 3 1/2 years old, and despite all of our efforts, he has been completely resistant to potty training. He tends to be stubborn, and I have noticed that when he sees other kids doing things, it makes him more interested in doing it too. This program is amazing…we turned it on, and it wasn’t even playing all the way through before he was in the bathroom sitting on the potty!!! Seeing the other kids (not a cartoon), actually reinforced the idea in his head, and he is now on his way to Potty Power! He loves the songs, and I let him watch it as often as he wants. I’ve heard him singing the songs and reciting the dialogue as he plays. It even teaches proper hygiene like how to wipe and wash your hands. I had pretty much come to the conclusion that my son would be graduating high school in diapers! Not anymore! This program is really a miracle worker in my eyes.

— “Tony’s Mom”

I am very pleased with it. It has a very entertaining host, great songs and lots of kids going to the potty. It shows the kids why they need to use the potty, how to do it and what to do afterwards. My daughter who is 2 1/2 yrs. really likes it. We are still working on her going potty but the videos have really helped. Highly recommended!

— Janny A.

My 3-1/2 year old was very adamant about not using the potty. She absolutely refused despite several attempts over the course of a year. We tried books (for her and us), rewards, etc. Nothing worked. When we purchased Potty Power, my daughter loved it and asked to watch it over and over again. After about a week, we gave her Pull-ups (she was afraid to wear underwear at first) and she’s been potty trained ever since with only a few accidents in the beginning. I would strongly recommend this for anyone having difficulty potty training an older child. I’m glad someone came up with this idea or else I’d still be changing my toddler’s diapers.

— M.L. Jones

I have a 3 year old daughter who wanted no parts of using her potty. She’s very smart for her age and would often pull at her diaper when wet or dirty but simply had no desire to go on her potty. She learns especially well when she views things so I was on a desperate search for a potty training program that would do the trick and this one definitely worked!! The songs are cute and she often sings them to herself when she’s not watching it. I found “Potty Power” to be a very helpful tool in what is a very difficult process during my toddler’s development. I would highly recommend it for any parent who has to go through this “fun” time and I can’t wait to see how my little boy likes watching it when he’s ready for potty training.

— Danielle W.

My son is 2 years 4 months and has never shown anything but resistance towards potty training. I purchased this about two weeks ago. My son loves the songs and walks around singing them. (Even my 13 month old stops to watch it.) He asks for this all the time! He has since gone pee pee in his potty chair and frequently asks to sit on the BIG potty. I am very impressed.

— H. Silva

Brilliant! I have been struggling to get my son interested in learning to use the potty and this program has worked a treat! We sing a lot of the songs during the day, i.e. in the car, at the shops or just around the house. He now sits on the potty and thrusts his fist into the air and yells POTTY POWER! I think we are now well on the way to having a CLEAN little man.

— J. Edgar

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